Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Giant Mess

This feeling shouldn't be happening.  Not now, at least.  After two World Series Championships in three seasons, orange and black people like myself should be basking in the glory.

But how many times does a defending World Series Champion look this bad? (the Florida Marlins do not count)  It's like the men of McCovey Cove went from the Yankees to the Cubs in three months flat.  In the nominees for "worst Giants game of 2013," last night's game is the clear front runner.  It's so far ahead it's a Ferrari vs a PZEV.  It's Duke vs St Mary's Sisters of the Blind.

In a 16 inning game, the Giants stranded 18 baserunners, and lost. (to the METS!!!!) They had 13 baserunners from the 8th inning on, and not one of them scored.

I can't.... I can't even.  This is a defending world series champion?  These guys haven't won more than two games in a row in two months. They last won two in a row in mid-June.  They've lost 15 of 17.  I do not understand what's going on here.  The good thing is that neither do they.  Only three of those 15 losses have been by more than three runs.  Tim Lincecum struck out 11 last night.  MVPosey homered.  There are signs.

I have World Series Champion hats.  I should be totally satisfied.  But that's what winning does to people.  We want more.  And so do they.    

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