Friday, September 5, 2014

Kansas Football: So Bad They Couldn't Find A Week One Opponent. Again.

Kansas Jayhawks football is so bad, they once again couldn't find anybody to play in week one, and open the season in week two. (6pm Central Time Saturday, ESPN3) Against an FCS team, not even a real D-1 team. That's not intended to be an insult to Southeast Missouri State- hell, they get to play a BCS school. It's yet another indictment to the patheticness (is that even a word?) of this football program. I really don't know how this can get any worse. And I'm an alum looking at this as positively as I can.

It's year three of the Charlie Weis era and the only thing that's in danger of being destroyed is the buffet. It's an easy joke, but Charlie is not a small man. But like I said last year, is there really a better option out there if you get rid of Charlie? Who seriously wants this job? The program has no direction and no chance of success and no breakout prospects.

I don't fault the players. They're 18 and 19 and 20 year olds who get to play football in college. Many high school football players would love to be playing football in college for a D-1 school, even if it is Kansas. Maybe they would have been a backup somewhere else but wanted the chance to start, even as a freshman. KU gives them that choice when Texas does not.

The problem is that all these players think that they're going to be the reason for the turnaround, and they might not be the kind of team players that you need to have the turnaround. It's weird. The players at good college football programs are better at teamwork than the guys at bad college football programs. You would think that the guys in the bad football programs would be more willing to change what they do in order to make the program successful. But maybe they're there because they won't adapt. And the guys who do adapt find themselves coveted by larger programs because of that. Am I making any sense here?

It seems like the head coach is the same way. Charlie Weis insists that his way will make KU better at football. He's got to be able to adapt to the players that he has in order to make that happen. They went from one win to three wins, in his first two seasons, and I guess that's an improvement, but when three wins is an improvement.... yeeesh.

I guess it could get a lot worse. Remember, I'm an alum looking at the bright side. And the bright side is basketball practice starts in less than a month. 

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