Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Drude Approves: George Harrison's Best Five Videos

A new feature here, The Drude Approves. I did a similar thing on teevee for a while, plus a blog called "The Dude's Bookmarks" where I only posted my favorite bookmarks. It was a little goofy. Here's the same concept only different with "The Drude Approves." Doesn't matter if it's a bookmark or a link or an awesome dunk or one-timer or basket catch. If I approve, it'll go in this category.  Since it's George Harrison's birthday, the first Drude Approves will be George's best music videos

"Got My Mind Set on You" (1987)
There are actually two official music videos for this memorable track off his "Cloud Nine" album, but this is the one most people know. I can't hear the song without thinking of this, which is really, really goofy. 

Traveling Wilburys, "Handle With Care" (1987)
From the same year, the supergroup that's George and his friends. He called it the favorite group he'd been in, which shows how much acrimony he still felt about the end of Beatles. The first song released was the first recording the group made, and it was almost relegated to the b-side of a single off of "Cloud Nine." Fortunately, George changed his mind. While the rest of the album was good, the spontaneity of this song cannot be matched.

"This Song" (1976) 
In response to losing the lawsuit for copying "He's So Fine" in "My Sweet Lord," George's songwriting got a lot simpler the rest of his career. It's unfortunate because many feel he didn't take too many songwriting chances from then on, which ought not to surprise anyone. "This Song" was George's darkly humorous question to the lawyers. "Does this sound like anything? I'm really trying to not make it sound like anything." The video was directed by Eric Idle and includes several Python cameos.

The Beatles, "I Need You" (1965) 
When the Beatles went to shoot the ending of Help! in the Bahamas, George wrote this song because his wife Pattie couldn't come along. It's the first song written about Pattie but certainly not the last- the most famous being the next song or "Layla." When the Beatles returned from the island filming, they recorded the song, and it got used in the Salisbury Plain sequence- which in the movie comes before they go to the Bahamas. The magic of film.

The Beatles, "Something" (1969) 
Also written for Pattie, this video is unique because it features all the Beatles then-wives, and it shows the separation of the group because the four lads are only shown with their wives. A hint of the band's impending breakup.

The Drude Approves!

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